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We Are LTL

LTL USA is driven to provide a seamless, unique, and convenient experience that separates us from the rest. We’ve researched the components of the ultimate freight experience and implemented them into our innovative logistics services.

Our goal is to deliver a service that is simple and addresses the needs of customers at an affordable price.

We work hard to listen and encompass all feedback into our website, services provided, and culture. From our self-serving platform to our concierge-level support, you will find arranging shipments with us is easier than ever.

LTL USA is not only an affordable freight services provider but the best solution for all your logistics needs. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you. Trust LTL USA to handle all of your freight service arrangements.

LTL USA promises to provide a simple, worry-free experience that sustains a lasting impression.

Why Choose Us?

Consistency of Rates

  • LTL USA works to ensure your accurate quote price will never change.
  • If the quote information is entered accurately, our system will return the most accurate rate information.
  • If the information we were provided happens to change, we will transparently communicate any updates or rate changes immediately.

Clear Communication

  • LTL USA’s robust web interface provides you with accurate information pertaining to our freight company and carriers rates.
  • Our customers always receive quote information immediately so there is a concise expectation when booking a shipment.
  • Experts, within our freight center, commit to reviewing all shipment requests for accurate data and reasonability. In addition, reach out to confirm requests, request additional information, and communicate any potential discrepancies.

Best Bang for your Buck

  • LTL USA works to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best rates possible.
  • Our partnership with our carriers allows us to provide our customers the most competitive rates available.

Support System

  • LTL USA maintains a direct relationship with our customers to mitigate any apprehension or concerns.
  • Our experts are available via chat, email, and phone to answer any questions and provide assistance when required by our customers.
  • Our website provides online shipment tracking and ticket support.
  • Email communications are sent directly to the customer.

A Few of Our Partner Carriers

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